Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Some Links

Some readers may be interested in these links.

Here is the Dandelion Community's blog.  It is in Korean and I am not sure how well Google translates it:


And the school where I will be teaching:


Although I will be serving with the Dandelion Community, which is established and run by locals in South Korea, I received this opportunity through Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and am still under their umbrella.  Here is a link to MCC's homepage:


And the specific program I am a part of, called SALT, which stands for Serving and Learning Together:


I have my own page on MCC's website, where I describe what I will be doing in more detail.  This page also tracks the funds I raised to support my volunteer term.  Thank you to everyone who supported me!  As you can see, you went well above and beyond what was required.


While I was considering the possibility of spending a year at the Dandelion Community, I came across a blog written by someone who had done this before.  Rebekah Puddington's account of her year with the Dandelion Community is both profound and, in my opinion, high art.

What a privilege to have been able to get such an articulate view into life in the Dandelion Community before deciding to go there.  I will try my best to imitate her in this blog:


And here is a link to the website, Thinking Through Christianity, that I contribute to on a monthly basis.  It has some excellent pieces on theological and cultural topics.


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